Friday, December 7, 2012

The 2nd WAAO Festival starts

Early today the 2nd WAAO Children's Arts and Culture festival kicked off. It took of with a lot of smiles and happiness from the children, their teachers and the few parents that attended. The Festival was opened up with a poem done by Ms. Mariam Ismail (Mama Mipango) from UKUTA.

Mariam Ismail (Mama Mipango) Opening up 2nd WAAO Festival
The poems (Shairi) are composed by Mchamba A. Mchamba from Swahili poets' association UKUTA.
Mariam Ismail (Mama Mipango) reciting a poem in the 2nd WAAO Festival

And with lots of importance the director Theresia Gratta  picked up from there by welcoming the children, parents and all the people who attended.
Theresia Gratta (The WAAO Director) Opening the festivals
Students who came included student from Buguruni School for children who can not hear or see. This kids where a great blessing to the festival. Below are some of the students from Buguruni who came up with various handicrafts productions which where done by them and their fellow students.
Buguruni School for children who can not see or hear at the festival exhibitions
Not only exhibition but the day was decorated with workshops on Music and Mime which all where highly attended by the students and with much interest
Students and their facilitator Didas at the WAAO festival music workshop
Students and their facilitator Edgar at the WAAO festival Mime workshop
After the workshops student took there own time to rehearse so as to have a good performance later in the afternoon. Below students rehearsing.
Students rehearsing the song taught at the WAAO festival workshop
Students rehearsing the mime taught at the WAAO festival
After, the students had a chance to perform what they did in the workshop. It was much interesting as they where all mixed up and working not in school but as one which helped in increasing their interaction. Most of them where happy to interact also with Miriam Thomas
Students lead by Miriam E. Thomas performing their songs trained at the workshop
Students performing a mime after the workshop they attended
This was quite an experience and a new discovery for most of the students as they where meeting the term mime for the first time, but at the end they where able to perform a good play.
The Children and the parents attentively watching the performances
Other students were much attentive to the performances and most of them confirmed of their happiness in the festival. Later in the afternoon there was a daughter and father song. Miriam called her father and did a performance with her father. See the picture below
Miriam E. Thomas and her father performing a song
Miriam E. Thomas is a standard five student from Uhuru mchanganyiko Primary School. Later it was time for presents and gifts giving
One of the sponsors from 'Azam' is giving out presents
Children showing off some of the presents given out by some of the sponsors
Some of the children showing off presents they have received from Five star and Masumin
Some of the children showing off the presents they received from the various sponsors
The festival was postponed this evening to tomorrow where most performances will be showcased. We would like to welcome you all and especially the parents to come round with their children and witness the talents of their lovely children.

Watoto ni taifa la kesho
Children are tomorrow's nation


  1. This is an amazing project and i hope it continues. I would love to be involved somehow too since i am a drama teacher even if it is volunteering

    1. Thanks Grace. We would love to have you into helping and guiding the children giving them the goodies of life and what they are missing in the Arts. When you come back we'll hook you in. Much love.


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