Saturday, December 8, 2012

The 2nd WAAO festival ends with much success

The second and the last day of the festival was today. Children from various school in Dar es Salaam and Bagamoyo came and performed various production that made this day a success and with a lot of cheer. After the arrival of the various school teachers and parents they all assembled at the theater hall at the National Museum and House of Culture. The performance where opened with the Tanzanian National Anthem which was performed by a steel band from the children of Selesion sisters of Don Bosco-Mikoroshini. See picture below

Children from Selesion sisters of Don Bosco-Mikoroshini performing 
the Tanzanian National Anthem at the festival
The Steel band from Don Bosco did not perform the song along but everyone stood and and all the children together sang the Tanzanian National Anthem which was later followed by the song Jingle bells.
Children singing the national anthem at the festival
Goodies followed and children had so much to give. Imaan Mulji from International School of Tanganyika (IST) followed by playing her Violin performing a few songs living every kid in the hall woundering how long did it take her to learn playing the Violin that good.

Imaan Mulji from International School of Tanganyika 
playing the Violin at the 2nd WAAO Festival
A child who left all the people in the theater hall surprised and amazed was Afraazadam. This kid can hit the drums. He played the drum set and everyone got off his/her sit and started rejoicing and cheering at the top of their voices

Afraazadam Mulji from International School of Tanganyika
showing his talent as a drummer at the 2nd WAAO festival
After a good performance from Afraazadam there followed a choreographed dance performed by the children from Mtoto Mchoraji Art Center from Bagamoyo. The dance was great and the children were so determined as all the children who performed to give the best performance and it was.

Children from Mtoto Mchoraji Art Center performing a choreographed dance
The Miembeni children lead by Elizabeth took over the stage after the Mtoto Mchoraji Art Center. This children came with a choreographed 'Mganda wa kikutu' dance; a celebration dance from the Luguru ethnic group from Morogoro.

Children from Miembeni starting the dance
The dance mainly or mostly starts with two people on stage then the others follow afterwords. In the picture below other students from Miembeni Primary School joining their colleagues/fellow students in the dance.

Children from Miembeni dancing 'Mganda wa Kikutu' dance
Next on stage were Karate kids from Mabibo Islamic Primary school. These came up with a variety of karate styles and kata as seen below.

Children from Mabibo Islamic showing their Karate techniques
It became even more interesting when even very young children were in the group. All these children are taught karate with the main purpose of self defense. 

Children from TCTC performing Kwaito
The mood was all of a sudden changed and suddenly we were in South Africa having Kwaito on stage. The choreographed dance was performed by the children of TCTC which is an acronym for Tanzania Children and Culture Organization. Then a break were one of the sponsors was allowed to make a point. 

A representative from UTT
The first sponsor to take the stage was UTT which is an acronym for Unit Trust of Tanzania. UTT introduced the account/shares that a parent could start by paying 10,000/=Tshs and keep on donating from time to time as a future plan to pay school fees when the children have grown enough, finished their primary education and ready to go to secondary school. This was followed by a traditional dance from Kulawa Zawose.

Children from Kulawa Zawose entering the stage for their first dance

Children from Kulawa Zawose performing their second dance
The children from Kulawa Zawose from Bagamoyo performed two traditional dances but the second dance was amazing. It left most of the people in the theater hall scream and having something to talk about. They reminded many people on their tradition as per the devotion they showed. They were later followed by another sponsor who gave out a small talk about the sponsorship.

A representative from Masumin and Five star
This sponsor above was from Masumin and Five star. These sponsors deal with stationery. Their generous sponsor included counter book for all the children and students who participated.

Ally Musa (holding a mic) and Jackson Msophe (with the camera) from Mlimani TV
The Media did not stay behind. The electronic media meaning TV's that came included Mlimani TV and Channel 5. At the picture above Ally Musa interviewing Mabibo Islamic Primary Children as Jackson Msophe hold the Camera making sure every important detail is covered. In the theater hall things fired up with the children from KCC kigamboni.

Children from KCC kigamboni dancing in stage

Children from KCC Kigamboni showing off their various dancing styles
The children from KCC Kigamboni performed a shot play and then came around to dance and shake as it is called now a days 'shaking'. The shakers left the stage for another sponsor to briefly speak.

A representative from AZAM
The sponsor from AZAM explained breifly was he had brought the kids. This included AZAM juice which is commonly known as 'Kijoti'.

A child from Shada group doing Acrobatics
The show was heated up by Shada group from Bagamoyo lead by Mwalimu Issa from TASUBA. The children performed nicely prepared Acrobatics which really colored the day and made most audience members astonished and highly amazed. Everyone was so happy and could not believe children could do the staff they did. After Shada a vote of thanks was given by Theresia Gratta (The WAAO Director) and was closed down by a Steel band performance from the Selesion sisters of Don Bosco-Mikoroshini.

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