Thursday, June 13, 2013

UTSS Grantees have talents

Under the same sun (UTSS), is a Christian, International Non Governmental Organization that works towards improving the well being of persons with albinism. To attain its objectives, UTSS has two departments namely, Education Scholarship Fund, Advocacy and Public awareness. The founder of UTSS is Peter Ash.
This year UTSS decided to organize a summer camp with an aim to expose the children's talents. In so doing it started with a pre-summer camp as a way to prepare for the big event. Pre-summer camp activities did expose some hidden talents of children with albinism and was a great success. Children demonstrated their dance, drama, music, drawing, writing and language skills. Sponsored by the organization's Education Scholarship Fund the pre summer camp took place in Mwanza, Tanzania at Jellys school; the same place that the main summer camp will take place later in July.

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